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Does it Matter?

Why do I care where the shore is, if traveling to the other side there is none? 

Here, the beach eroded, no longer discernible, sharks departing years ago.

Turmoil stopped its lively churning, waters calm. 
Once powerful figures, ancient lions of the sea, 
giant spectacles of brilliant corals,
steely boulders of whales,
fluttering movers of shifting underwaters, float on top, still and grey.

Strangled in plastic, caught in nets, hit by propellers of great boats.

I fear, in this kayak, of drowning in my own tears.

They are gone. As are we, soon.

Watercolor painting and poem by MJC

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What Happened?





She is a whisper in his ear.  He is a sparkle in her eye.

They tried, but it was too much work.

She failed to notice.

He failed to see.

She cried.

He sighed.

It died.






Poem and photo by MJChamie

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Tanka # 13 Departure

He is gone today.
Not debated, just soft thoughts,
Beyond volition,
No time left for a goodbye,
Exited from pain, suffering. 

Grateful for his presence, here.

Loved by his family and friends.

Poem and photo by MJC

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Solar powered bike
Brightly trending arrival
Rented for a song.
Future transport cheers us on
Ancient two-wheel comes of age.

Photo of Biketown rental and poem by MJC

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Ominous forebode,
Gridlock galore, but for blame.

Devious lying,
Allude to our Pol Potus.
Selfish moves are unabashed.

Poem and drawing by MJC

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Tanka 10. Oregon Coast

Huge free space hovers
Over water fierce and strong
We touch beach sand toes
Stillness but for shrieking birds
Stunned by this beauty, soft hue

Watercolor and poem by MJC

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Tanka #9 Children

Art with children, joy
Messes galore face and hands
Color everywhere
What can we create better
Than wholesome chaos, yahoo!

Painting by Anna Chamie, Poem by MJC

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A friend wrote goodbye
I replied sorrow, thanks, love, 
Must say past slowly
Only days to make happen
What should have taken decades.

Watercolor painting and poem by MJC

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Tanka # 7. Oops

Just lost an option,
Took another one instead.
How did it happen?
Fiddled and connived madly
Oh to confront flub, ye gads.

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Tanka # 6 Aspirations

She climbs up grinning
Accomplished, driven, so bright.
What chance have they, those 
Little ones who perch on bars, 
To play with friends peacefully?

Oil painting and poem by MJC

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