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Recently, I started a series of paintings of a girl and her dog walking on the beach. The first one I completed was rather illustrative, but still leaning toward impressionistic.

Girl Walking Dog on the Beach – acrylic

On my next try, I came up with this abstract painting that focuses more attention on the sun and the yellow colors beating on the beach.

Girl Walking Dog on the Beach, acrylic

With time, I worked it over again, painting it so that the girl blends in with the background, almost becoming one with the big river and beach.

Girl Walking Dog on the Beach – acrylic

My last one highlighted the variations in shapes and marks between the sky and the beach and how it might be interpreted into perspectives on the girl and her dog.

Girls walking dog on beach – acrylic

Since then, I have done several more, but have mixed feelings about them and am not yet posting them up.

My sense is, that I have gone as abstract as I want to go for now, and that it is time to move to another subject for a while.

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