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     the day before,
steam rolls off the grass,
sun melts hot colors of summer flowers
shade comes in sliced pieces
shattered by tall grasses
wind sneaks through bushes
 frenetically waving

Black and white of winter,
Browns and oranges of autumn.
Have disappeared forgotten.
Winter Memories Shown Here

Orange lilies bob their heads
reaching out above the hydrangeas
delicate flickering petals flying
sedately touching summer hot streams of light.

Orange lilies dominate.
Last year it was hot pink phlox.

The garden shifts its mood
which way the seeds blow
how seedlings survive winter storms,
which roots drink in cold spring rain
absorb or radiate this simmering heat
sometimes leaves just shrugging down and hanging there
waiting for water.

Stonework defines the landscape.
However, the bushes and trees reinterpret the lay out to suit their own needs.

View from Attic
From the ground

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I love putting fresh flowers together from the garden.  It dresses up everything, except me.

I used to wear formal suits and heels but now my work dress is “garden casual”.   I  wear a pair of old hiking boots with white sports socks, worn out shirts, baggy pants covered with paint stains.  To top it off, I wear a big hat the covers my face and protects me from the hot mid-day sun.

Here I am on the steps getting ready to head out to the garden.
My office
Project Number 1
Typical work site for Project # 2
Staff meeting – just the way I like it.

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Due to the pleasures of grandchildren, I have not written very much on my Blog this spring.  But after spending almost a month on the west coast, we returned to New York to discover that New York is hot and humid!  And the garden looks great.  The peonies have already come and gone, but the roses and lilies are flourishing.
As for grandchildren, I highly recommend the following incredibly expensive toys:  water, a bucket for pouring, and a water hose.  After cardboard boxes and a rubber ball, water is the best toy ever invented.
Children also revel in playpens, if one needs a way to contain them for a few minutes.  But they have to use it as a group.  Its more fun.

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 When this Azaelea bush is in bloom, I know that for sure, spring is here.  It is such a splash of color, just before everything else comes out in bloom.  Without exception, it is the first bush in our yard to be in full color and always contrasts with the brown bushes and trees that will bloom a few weeks later.

The giant peony is also set to bloom, and looks lovely with the tulips tucked underneath.

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This morning I woke up early to the sound of the snow plow rumbling by and opened the curtain to find out what was going on.  Snow was silently falling everywhere.

It is the kind of day that used to bring shouts of joy from our kids when they turned on the radio to find out that it was an official “snow day” and school was canceled.

The local school system is closed but not because of snow.  It is because it is Presidents Day, a national holiday, and many people are on spring vacation.  However, the public library  is supposed to be open today, but it  is closed owing to all the snow.

 I hope that this is the last blast of winter before spring sets in.

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To all you graduates out there, this is what the school looks like from Hudson Heights.  The  Hudson River dominates the background. We can hear the distant cheers from soccer games, football games and of course, the first day of school when all the seniors show up to scream and shout and bang on drums notifying the school system that they are only here for 8 more months.

Here is a larger view of that same scene showing Hastings-on-Hudson and its High School from Hudson Heights. Our children walked to and from school every day with their books on their back, trombones, trumpets, violins in hand.  The trip was straight up and down.

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