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Below are photos, sketches and paintings that I prepared for our zoom class called The Value of Design taught by Michael Orwick offered through the Oregon Society of Artists.

Note: First week of morning class beginning 6 January, 2020, a day in American History never to be forgotten.

Personal photo, Willamette River, Portland Oregon, 2020

This first week is focused on design, primarily using photography, thumb sketches and Notans. Below are four perspectives on future paintings that I propose to work on for this course using these techniques.

Perspective 1: “The Bridge”

Biking on the Steel Bridge of Portland looking winter north up the Willamette River, soft pink and blue pastels interrupted by soft grey circular shape of the bridge. Heavy machinery, bridges and equipment come with the natural territory of major rivers around here. I am wondering how many buildings, ships and types of equipment to include, and what their purpose might be. Reflective colors bounce across the water leaving impressions of shifting currents as light streams past. The shadows and reflections on the water are deep from the big boats and buildings.

Black and white photo rendition
Ink Pen Sketch on Paper
Softer ink tones added

Ink and gesso
Brushed ink with gesso
Three “Bridge” Notans in a collage, painted with ink, pen and brushes

Perspective II: “Unity”

Children play a game in Mumbai, India, on a busy street. Their feet touch, defining their play area. The sidewalk patterns mimic the shape of children’s feet and legs, demonstrating land ownership and unity.

Street pattern mimics the design created by the boys’ touching feet, emphasizing their coalition.

Personal photo, Mumbai, India, 2006
Notan, Ink withBrush and Pen on Paper
Notan using Ink with Brush, Pen, and Some Gesso

Perspective III “Outward”

Personal photo, Mt. Hood, Oregon, 2020

Hills present through the trees, with their soft, undulating blues. Dark evergreens make calligraphy painted with a big black brush, light piercing through the big H defining intimacy of location. It is a hiker’s perspective.

Ink and gesso perspective, some brush, some pen on paper
Three Notans in a collage, hand painted ink and brush
My Favorite Notan from this Perspective on Trees. Ink and brushes, some Gesso

Perspective IV “Upwards”

This photo taken in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2003 during a UN mission, census planning.

Settlements build up the hills as families relocate out of the rubble from heavily war-torn areas below. Homes in old area made from locally produced brick, mud and cement, walls remembering a more traditional construction. Homes above, cemented on to the hills, many without electricity or septic systems. Some sudden bursts of color on home exteriors, blue pastels.

There is a woman in traditional blue burkah, children walking alongside her, others communing on the street encircled by trees and mud puddles on major dirt road.

Hill homes simulate rock rubble, seeming like natural landscape, but not quite. Homes and land are a soft, brown, natural tone, a common overlay of communities, past and present.

Personal photo, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2003
Black and white photo, edited
Scribble Pen and Ink Sketch on Paper
Collage of 3 Notons, Ink and Brush

My favorite notan of this perspective:

Ink and brush on Paper

Other Thoughts on Perspectives for this Class

There are a couple other photos of our island home providing ideas for possible paintings and here they are, along with the Notans thus far completed using ink and brush on paper.

End of first week of class.

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