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Variation 1, Watercolor, 18 x “24

Watercolor, with one big brush on a large piece of paper while thinking about a garden image that plays repeatedly in my head. A small amount of detail was put in toward the end of the painting overlaid with a second, smaller brush with special attention to white flowers.

The idea behind this piece is loosely defined mostly by brush movement over multiple watercolor layers with drying times in between.

In the process of doing this larger painting, I also completed a smaller garden piece where I paid more attention to some fine detail, even using a single hair from the larger brush for some of the painted lines in the second piece.

Variation 2, Watercolor 6″ x 9″

I am not completely sure where I am going with these variations, but am mostly working colors with brush, while varying access to water, and holding an approximate structural thought.

Below, is the first one that I completed in acrylic. It was done on a black background which does seem to highlight colors well.

Variation 3, acrylic, 6″ x “9

This project started because I wanted to learn what would happen if I were to try repainting this acrylic painting (Variation 3) that I had done earlier and liked, into a larger abstract watercolor (Variation 1).

What have I learned from the project? Paintings are moving targets. Each has its own character and wit. Even when I think that I am repeating myself, I am not. Variations of a painting are a wonderful way to experiment with technique, while holding a longer thought regarding the structure.

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